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     Hymns from the Shepherd of the Bay Sanctuary Choir, Handbell Choir and Friends of Shepherd of the Bay.

New music will be added approximately every two weeks. 

Give Me Jesus

Recorded March 15, 2019

Previous Anthems

Hymns by Judy Jackson
recorded on Nov. 2, 2020
We Lay Our Burdens Down
recorded on Oct. 20, 2019
Bread of Life

recorded on Sept. 15, 2019

Come Live in the Light

recorded on Sept. 8, 2019

This One Thing I ask of the Lord
recorded on July 27, 2019

Live Streamed and podcasted with permission under CCLI License #2459079. All rights reserved.

Come to Jesus

(Untitled Hymn)

Recorded on February 16, 2020

Precious in My Sight
Recorded Jan. 5, 2020

Holy, Holy, Holy

Recorded on June 16, 2019

Be Still, My Soul

recorded June 23, 2019

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