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Guatemala Mission Trip March 2023

Shepherd of the Bay & Peace Lutheran Churches

Why Guatemala?


    The SOTB Mission Team was in Guatemala March 2-10, 2023  for the seventh time.   But why Guatemala? 


  • A 30 year civil war that ended in the mid 1990’s has left Chichicastenango and surrounding areas in a state of  devastation. Many of the indigenous people, especially the men, were killed in their fields and homes or  were “taken prisoner” and never seen again.  As a result there were approx. 70,000 widows left in the area of Chichicastenango, Guatemala. 


  • Locals live in a great amount of poverty. They generally earn a living through farming or weaving goods to be sold in the market.  


  • Women and children are not considered equals as they are in the United States. Many children work from a very young age. It is difficult for a woman to make a living on her own.


  • In Chichi alcoholism is a large problem. Many of the men are alcoholics and it is easily visible as you walk or drive through town. The hope of the ministry is to bring Christ to the people in Chichi to change the practice of abuse into a practice where men are caring for and loving their families, and respecting women and children like God does.


  • Chichicastenango is the center of Mayan idol worship in Guatemala, although the country is listed as a Catholic nation.


  • Pray America/Manos de Jesus is  active in approximately 40 Mayan communities.

     The vision is to go deeper in these communities, moving them constantly closer to sustainability and more importantly into a relationship with Jesus.  Relational trust that has been built by Pray America/Manos de Jesus over more than 10 years has been the key to reaching these communities through a series of weekly nutrition programs, widow house construction, water filtration systems, efficient vented cook stoves, solar powered audio bibles, and more.

     There is much work to be done. As always, we ask for you to pray for those going and for those with whom we will be sharing the love of God. 


    Please pray about how you can participate in this mission activity…. 
            Think about it….. Pray about it….. Join us …….
with the cross

Inside new home with the cross.

Home build #2 view

Building site of one of the widow houses

Home build #2

Building a widow house

house restoration

Painting and repairing a widow house and installing a bathroom

Bible Story

Sharing a Bible story with the family

New efficient Stove

New efficient Stove

water filter

installing a water filter

snack time

One widow give us bread and soda in a baggie

Sue with the market girls

Sue with the market girls

Alex & Jennifer

Alex & Jennifer


washing the feet of the widow in her new house

Stickers 2
Mother & Child

Mother and Child

Mission Team 2017

Mission Team 2017

Mission team 2018

Mission team 2018

Can you hold this board_

Can you hold this board?

solar light

Show the family how to use the solar lights

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