In -Person Worship Services

Here are some of the details you need to know:

  • Drive-in church and in-person church will happen at the same time, at 9:30am on Sunday mornings. The format of the service will be the same as we have been using for drive-in church. The service will be led from the sanctuary and broadcast to the parking lot. 

  • Initially, we are limiting the in-person church to 60 persons, in compliance with public health recommendations. Registration is required.  You can register here. 

  • Those attending in-person church are asked to park on the west side of the building ( the far end of the building between the choir room and the bus garage). If necessary, additional parking will be available along that end of the parking lot. The rest of the parking lot will be reserved for those attending drive-in church.

  • Those attending in-person church will enter the building through the choir room and proceed down the hall to the narthex, following physical distancing protocols. The main entrance to the church will continue to be used to distribute communion and bulletins to those attending drive-in church. All those attending in-person church will be required to wear a mask covering the mouth and nose. Hand sanitizing stations will be available. In the narthex, as you arrive, an usher will check you in. Individual servings of the wine and wafer for communion will be available in the narthex. Please take that serving if desired, and an usher will seat you in the sanctuary. After communion is finished, please deposit the empty cup, lid, and envelope in the plastic bag provided. Receptacles will be available as you leave the sanctuary. 

  • After the service, ushers will dismiss worshipers one by one, and you are asked to exit the building directly, again maintaining safe physical distancing. 


We will  offer a live-streamed service on our website which will be recorded and may be viewed later. One the past year, we have demonstrated remarkable flexibility and agility in responding to these unprecedented times. As we move into this new stage in our life together, we anticipate the need for that same flexibility as we to respond to new and often rapidly changing situations. We hope that as things continue to improve, we will be able to expand our basic service and increase the number of people that can be together in the building. So, this will be a work in progress. We appreciate your patience and support as we work and worship together, all for the sake of God’s mission. 


Pr. Jim Honig

Drive-In Worship

Knowing that outdoor worship is safer than indoor, in person worship, we are continuing the outdoor, drive-in worship service at 9:30 on Sunday mornings. It will be a brief service with prayers, readings, hymns, communion and a sermon. The service will be broadcast to your FM radio at the 89.1 frequency. We ask that the following guidelines be followed for our Drive-In Summer Camp Service:

  •     Only one household per car; members of differing households should not mix in the same car.

  •     It’s important that everyone stay in their car.

  •     Since the service is so brief, plan to use the restroom before you leave home. The restrooms in the building will not be open for general use (only for emergencies). 

  •     We will observe a measure of distancing between cars; park only in designated spots 

Drive in Church

Drive in Church on a foggy morning.


Jim giving the sermon.


Usher Sue West pointing the way.


Even pets can attend church.


Honk for Jesus!


Jim, Judy and the bell tower.


Judy playing the keyboard.

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Honk for Jesus!