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New Roofing Project

beginning May 26, 2020

24Apr20 West End Old Roof.jpg
24Apr20 Center Old Roof.jpg
24Apr20 East End Old Roof.jpg

July 2nd, 2020

New Roof Finished! 

2Jul20 Finished Roof.jpg
2Jul20 Roof Siding Finished.jpg

Week of June 19

19Jun20 Over Nursery.jpg
19Jun20 Fellowship Hall and Nursery.jpg
19Jun20 S Side Fellowship Hall Complete.
19Jun20 Starting East Side Main Ent.jpg
19Jun20 N Fellowship Hall Complete.jpg
19Jun20 Starting West Side Main Ent.jpg

Week of June 13

13Jun20 S Above Choir Loft.jpg
13Jun20 Narthex Kitchen Valley.jpg
14Jun20 N side of Sanctuary Complete.jpg

Week of

June 4

4Jun20 Start North Side Sanctuary.jpg
4Jun20 East End Finished.jpg
5Jun20 NE End Of Sanctuary.jpg
5Jun20 NW End of Sanctuary.jpg

Week 1

May 26, 2020

26May20 Start Install of New Roof.jpg
26May20 Day 1 Progress.jpg
27May20 Self-propelled Trailer.jpg
28May20 End of 2nd Day.jpg
29May20 Valley Installation in Process.j
29May20 New Valley Detail.jpg
29May20 New Steel Wall Flashing.jpg
29May20 Roof Around Exhaust Stacks.jpg
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